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Our courteous staff has delivered outstanding plumbing services in the greater Monrovia area for many years by focusing on our top priority of exceeding expectations and extending affordable, high-quality, and professional services.


Let us do the dirty work so that you don’t have to. We’ll even provide you with an in-depth estimate for services and materials free of charge, and at no obligation to you.

Rapid Rhino Plumbing

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Our team puts customer satisfaction first. From dressing professionally and arriving to every job with a smile on our face, to providing you with the highest quality of plumbing work whether we’re on a scheduled or emergency visit. Rapid Rhino Plumbing hasn’t gotten to where it is today by slacking and slouching!

Every member of our team is licensed, insured, and bonded for your benefit as well as our own. Our team is made up of true professionals with years of experience in the industry, hired because they can do the work you need, in the time you need it done.

Our Specialties

Plumbing is often thought of as a dirty job, and while it sometimes can be, at Rapid Rhino Plumbing we use the latest technology to ensure it’s as clean, simple, and affordable as possible.One of the best tools to help with following through on this goal, is a drain camera. By lowering a tiny waterproof video camera connected to a fiber optic cable, into your plumbing system, we can see just what’s going on down there without having to be invasive.

Most home and business owners don’t think much about their sewer system. But if you give time to think about it, your sewer system helps to maintain your entire lifestyle, day after day. And, while we’ve all had to go without water because the city was repairing a sewer line, did you know that you’re responsible for the sewer line on your property?

You’ve got a lot on your mind. The last thing you want to be worrying about is your water heater! Unfortunately, most home and business owners only think about their water heater when there’s something wrong with it.

We cover tankless water heaters, traditional storage tank water heaters, condensing water heaters, heat pump water heaters, solar powered water heaters, combined space and water heating systems as well as combined space and water heating systems with a hydronic boiler.

The Trenchless Sewer Replacement Method uses the existing damaged or cracked sewer line as a conduit and guide for the new pipe.A Cone -Shaped steel bursting head with a “Shark -Fin” with new 1/2″ thick black “PE” polyurethane pipe attached is inserted through the old existing drain line.

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Rapid Rhino Plumbing provides full service plumbing repairs and replacements with superior quality service to Monrovia homeowners and neighbors.

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Let us do the dirty work so that you don’t have to. We’ll even provide you with an in-depth estimate for services and materials free of charge, and at no obligation to you.

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