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Water Leak Detection

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If you suspect you may have a leak or you are certain a leak is occurring in your home, the plumbing specialists at Rapid Rhino can help you locate the leak and appropriately repair it before it causes unnecessary damages to your property and home.

What is a water leak?

When the water pipelines that feed water to your home become damaged due to age or improper installation, leaks can and will happen. In time, these leakages can trigger severe damages, making it really vital to identify and repair them at first sign of the problem. Sometimes, leaks can go undetected for quite some time, which is why it is important to have regular plumbing maintenance checks on your plumbing system. If it has been too long to remember when the last time was that you received maintenance on your plumbing system, call Rapid Rhino Plumbing and Rooter today. We will get the job done fast and give you all our recommendations based on the current condition of your plumbing system.

How Can You Tell If You Have a Water Leak?

  • Unexplained increase in your water bill
  • Strange warm or damp area in your flooring
  • Visible pooling of water, moss growth, or muddy patches on your property¬†
  • Cracks and or water stains in the ceilings or wall surfaces
  • The sound of water running even when all fixtures are off

By addressing a water leak early, Rapid Rhino Plumbing and Rooter can help you avoid extensive water damages. While it might appear intimidating to have a plumbing professional come and investigate a leak, you can rest assured that our plumbers will use best practices and honest pricing when they are dispatched to your home in Monrovia County.

Can a Water Leak Cause Foundation Troubles?

Yes. A water leak is a significant plumbing problem that can ultimately cause damage to the foundation of your home. If left unaddressed, a leak can cause considerable issues, including damage to the architectural stability of your residence as well as its structure. It’s important that you address any possibility of a leak at first sight of the problem.

How To Locate and Detect a Water Leak?

Rapid Rhino Plumbing and Rooter has you covered when you call us for a leak detection. We implement only the most effective leak detection technology to locate the leak. Whether it’s behind a wall, in a ceiling or under your foundation, our leak detection equipment that is both an art and a science will find that leak quickly and effectively, saving you time and money. The plumbing technician that uses this equipment is expertly trained and experienced in the proper techniques to effectively implement the technology. When you watch the plumbers at Rapid Rhino Plumbing and Rooter perform a leak detection service, you will be nothing short of amazed at the precision and skill it takes to adequately locate the leak. Using this state of the art equipment will allow you to save time and money because we take out the guessing and provide you with all the knowledge and information you need to make the right choice.

Do you need a professional to assist you with locating a suspected leak on your property? Call the experts at Rapid Rhino Plumbing and Rooter today! We give FREE estimates and we are open 24/7 making sure we are available for you.

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