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Pipe Bursting

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Rapid Rhino Plumbing and Rooter is professionally licensed under contractors license #1029575. This ensures that we are up to code and safety standards. We care about our community and wish to give only the best of ourselves when aiding you in your plumbing concerns.

Trenchless Technology aka No Dig Application

For a budget-friendly option to significant drain replacements, trust the professional and licensed plumbers at Rapid Rhino Plumbing and Rooter to give your drains the right service at the right price. We never price gauge and always aim to bring permanent plumbing solutions to even the toughest of plumbing problems.

If your sewage system line is beyond repair or rehabilitation, replacement is never the desired option. However, with the experts at Rapid Rhino Plumbing and Rooter we make this option more enjoyable by applying our pipe bursting technology. We understand that a repipe is not ideal for many reasons such as;

Unwanted demolition
Expensive repairs

With pipe bursting technology, you can be sure that we will save you time, money and repairs to your property.

How Does Pipe Bursting Work?

Pipe bursting, also known as pipe breaking, is a kind of sewer replacement alternative where the method applied does not require large excavation. This translates to less demolition of your precious stamped concrete or lush landscape. Not needing a large excavation also means less time and money spent on the job.
First and foremost, the location and condition of the drain that is in question needs to be investigated. This is commonly done through conducting a sewer camera inspection, which is a state of the art process that allows the technician to see the condition of the interior of the drain and pinpoint the precise location of the problem, which is all recorded in real time. Giving you confidence that our plumbers are going to offer only the very best options for your specific plumbing problem. If pipe bursting is the best option for you, the technician will then proceed to prepare the areas where the two small access points need to be. These entry points will allow the pipe bursting machine to access the damaged pipe. One entry point is used to feed the new pipe into and the other is where the pump will pull the new High Density Polyethylene Pipe through. Once the new pipe is being fed through a specially engineered rupturing cone that is attached to the new pipe and designed to effectively break apart the old existing pipe allowing the new pipe to sit in its place. The old pipe will then remain buried underground and you will have a brand new High Density Polyethylene Pipe that will last you up to 99 years.

Because our plumbers are licensed and expertly trained you can rest easy knowing that we will do whatever it takes to protect your property, your people and your plumbing. Call the pipe bursting pros in Monrovia and surrounding areas today!

Pipe Bursting Perks

  • Long-term Solution: HDPE pipe is solid, durable, and also seamless to guard against future breaks as well as root invasions and can last up to 50 yrs.
  • A Fast Substitute to Repiping: Pipe bursting service can normally be completed quickly and effectively the same day!
  • Minimal Excavating: This technology was invented to save home owners the extra stress of having to deal with destroyed landscape and decorative concrete. We can be in and out quickly and with little to no damage done to your property.

At Rapid Rhino Plumbing and Rooter you can be secure in the fact that we are available for your emergency plumbing needs as well as a second opinion if you are not happy with what the other guys are offering. We will give you a free estimate and offer you our convenient financing so that you get your plumbing quickly, affordably and conveniently repaired.

Call Rapid Rhino Plumbing and Rooter to have the expert diagnose and treat your plumbing system right the first time!

For more information about Rapid Rhino Plumbing and the plumbing services we provide in the Monrovia area, contact us today at (626) 524-4255 for a free, no-obligation quote. We are happy to answer your questions and provide more details.